Wellington Court Fire door installations

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Wellington Court
February 2024
Fire Door Installation

At Wellington Court, we were tasked with the replacement of 24 flat entrance doorsets, 8 glazed lobby doorsets and 4 electrical cupboard doorsets.

The original doors in the building were all in a poor condition and were installed when the building was built in the mid 1900’s. None of the existing doors were compliant and we established that it was unlikely that they were manufactured as fire doors.

We ordered the new fire doors pre-hung from a BM Trada Q-Mark accredited fire door manufacturer and installed them under the BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Installation Scheme.

The result is improved safety, security and compliance for the 24 households within Wellington Court as well as modern looking anthracite grey, flush fire doors throughout the building which have transformed the appearance of the communal areas.

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