Our Purpose

Our purpose is to protect lives and property by delaying the spread of fire.

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Freebird was founded with the purpose of making buildings safer for the people inside them. We regularly come across poorly installed and badly maintained fire doors in all sorts of buildings from schools to high rise residential blocks. We are striving to improve the safety of as many buildings as possible by using the correct techniques, materials and process to maintain and install fire doors, enabling them to do the job that they are intended to do.


Freebird serves the people inside the buildings and the owners of property. We want to make each and every building that we work in as safe as possible for the people that use it. From hospitals and care homes to shops and hotels, all visitors, residents, customers and staff deserve to safe from fire. We also protect property. Compliant fire doors delay the spread of fire, isolating the danger and protecting buildings and the property inside them.


Freebird takes an evidence-based approach to fire doors. All our new fire doors are strictly installed with compliance to the manufacturer’s instructions and the test evidence. When maintaining existing fire doors, we will only use tried and tested, industry approved repair methods and materials. All our work can be supported by the fire door manufacturer’s instructions, BS8214 or ASDMA’s best practice guide.

Our people are fully trained and have knowledge and experience of working with fire doors. We are continuously striving to improve, and we do this through educating our people in-house and through approved third-party training and accreditation.
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Competence, dedication & education

These three words sum up the Freebird company ethos.

Competence – we ensure that all of our people are armed with the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs correctly every time.
Dedication – we are dedicated to keeping your buildings and your people safe. We will not cut corners and will accept nothing less than full compliance on our jobs.
Education – we strive to continuously improve our people through education. We also encourage our people to share their knowledge with other users of the buildings that we serve.
Our Case Studies

Latest Case Studies

Explore our tailored solutions for ensuring fire safety in buildings across the UK. Discover our meticulous approach to installing, inspecting, and maintaining fire doors.

Simplifying Fire Door Compliance for Peace of Mind

Time is important to everyone so let us take control of your fire doors. With our TotalAssurance plan, we will take on responsibility for keeping your fire doors compliant. We will schedule in automatic inspections and carry out regular maintenance where required to give you total peace of mind, saving you time and giving you one less thing to worry about.