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Shockingly, 2021 data based on 100,000 fire doors inspected by FDIS inspections found that 75% of fire doors within the UK failed to meet the required standards.

Freebird are on a mission to help to reduce that percentage as much as possible!


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Residential blocks and high rises can house hundreds of people at any one time, including children, the elderly and disabled people. It is imperative to address the risk of fire spreading through these buildings.

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Residential Blocks & High Rises

By partnering with Freebird, you can rest assured that the fire doors within your buildings will be thoroughly inspected, brought up to a compliant standard and, where necessary, replaced with 3rd party accredited fire doors that will last for many years if they are properly maintained.

We offer fire door inspections; fire door maintenance and 3rd party accredited fire door installations to flat entrance doors and communal doors in blocks across the South East.

Our operatives are all DBS checked and are all highly experienced in working with fire doors and working within residential blocks.

As well as ensuring compliance and a high standard of work, we also take health and safety and safeguarding extremely seriously so we ensure that all our operatives are suited to working within people’s homes and will respect your property, privacy and the safety of residents and visitors.

Fire Safety Regulations

In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy of 2017, the Government brought in new legislation in the form of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

This legislation made it a legal requirement for quarterly checks to be carried out on all communal doors and annual checks to be carried out on all flat entrance doors in residential buildings over 11 meters.

Previous legislation in the form of The Fire Safety Act 2021 had also clarified the role of The Responsible Person in managing fire safety and permitted the fire services to take enforcement action against building owners who are non-compliant.

Whilst these two important pieces of legislation will go some way to improving the standards of fire doors across the UK, they also place greater demands on the responsible person to ensure that the fire doors are managed correctly.

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Simplifying Fire Door Compliance for Peace of Mind

Time is important to everyone so let us take control of your fire doors. With our TotalAssurance plan, we will take on responsibility for keeping your fire doors compliant. We will schedule in automatic inspections and carry out regular maintenance where required to give you total peace of mind, saving you time and giving you one less thing to worry about.