Fire Door Maintenance

Fire door solutions, ensuring compliance, safety, and longevity

A man in an orange safety vest holding a drill.

Enhancing Fire Door Longevity

Much like cars need regular MOT’s and maintenance to resolve wear and tear, fire doorsets need to be regularly inspected and maintained.

A close up of a fire door with a sign on it.

Routine Maintenance for Compliance and Performance

Over time, door frames move, hinges drop, closers weaken and smoke seals wear down.

It is our job to keep on top of this routine maintenance and to keep your fire doors compliant and performing correctly for as long as possible.

By using Freebird to inspect and maintain your fire doors regularly, you can prolong the lifespan of your door and make sure that if it is required to perform as a fire door, it will do so correctly.

It is often the case that the age of the fire door and the lack of records available prevent any maintenance from being performed under a 3rd party accreditation scheme.

Although it is always preferable to replace these doorsets with new 3rd party accredited fire doorsets, we understand that it is not always feasible to do so.

We will always be clear and open with our clients, and if it is possible to perform maintenance work outside of a scheme to bring the fire door up to a compliant standard then we will always offer this option whilst making it clear that the work cannot be certified.

We will only use industry approved maintenance techniques to repair fire doors and will never use guesswork. If it is not possible to repair a fire door to a compliant standard, we will never attempt to do so and will advise that the only available option will be a doorset replacement.

All of our operatives have experience of performing maintenance under 3rd party accreditation schemes to the highest standard and will ensure that your door is maintained to a compliant standard if it is possible to do so.

A man in an orange safety vest doing maintenance on a fire door.