Hospitality & Retail

Compliant fire doors are vitally important in hospitality and retail settings.

Two women walking down a shopping mall holding shopping bags.

Importance of Compliant Fire Doors in Hospitality and Retail

Compliant fire doors are essential for safety in busy hospitality and retail venues.

A close up of a fire door with a sign on it reading Pull.

Protecting your staff & customers

These are places of work for many people, as well as the places where people choose to spend their free time.

Over weekends, restaurants, live venues and shopping centres can hold huge amounts of people all of whom need to be protected from the spread of fire.

Hotels can hold hundreds of people sleeping overnight at any one time. It is imperative that guests and staff are protected from fire by adequate compartmentation and compliant fire doors.

We understand the constraints that exist when working in places that are open to the public. Contact us to discuss how we can organise works to you fire doors to cause minimal disruption to your business and keep your customers safe.

We can arrange to work out of hours in venues such as shopping centres so that our work does not interfere with day-to-day operations. In hotels and hospitality venues we can schedule work to be completed in phases and during the quieter seasonal periods.

A closed fire door with a closed sign on it.

Simplifying Fire Door Compliance for Peace of Mind

Time is important to everyone so let us take control of your fire doors. With our TotalAssurance plan, we will take on responsibility for keeping your fire doors compliant. We will schedule in automatic inspections and carry out regular maintenance where required to give you total peace of mind, saving you time and giving you one less thing to worry about.