Fire Door Inspection

Fire door inspections, ensuring compliance and safety.

A person in an orange safety vest inspecting a fire door.

Ensuring Fire Safety Compliance
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In the wake of the Grenfell tragedy of 2017, the Government brought in new legislation in the form of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

A Freebrid worker wearing an orange safety vest.

Ensuring Safety with Regular Checks

This legislation made it a legal requirement for quarterly checks to be carried out on all communal doors and annual checks to be carried out on all flat entrance doors in residential buildings over 11 meters.

Previous legislation in the form of The Fire Safety Act 2021 had also clarified the role of The Responsible Person in managing fire safety and permitted the fire services to take enforcement action against building owners who are non-compliant.

We often get asked to quote for maintenance based on the recommendations of fire door inspections undertaken by non-fire door specialists. These inspections often miss out certain faults with the door or fail to take in the condition of the doorset as a whole.

Trust Freebird for Clarity & Compliance

Unfortunately, current legislation only requires a “competent person” to undertake fire door inspections and there is no legal definition of competence.

We have many years of experience working with fire doors and we work with them every day. We also perform maintenance on fire doors so our recommendations will be made with a clear vision of the techniques that will be used and whether it will be possible to actually perform the required maintenance on these doors.

By using Freebird for your fire door inspections, you can be assured that you will get a clear report outlining exactly what needs to be done to bring the fire door up to standard along with a quote for the maintenance works required.

An outside fire door.

Simplifying Fire Door Compliance for Peace of Mind

Time is important to everyone so let us take control of your fire doors. With our TotalAssurance plan, we will take on responsibility for keeping your fire doors compliant. We will schedule in automatic inspections and carry out regular maintenance where required to give you total peace of mind, saving you time and giving you one less thing to worry about.